We promote the sustainable development of enterprise and contribute to

 the environmental civilization of human beings by pursuing stable

 harmony and change.

/ Entrepreneurship /

"Unitech is keeping a clean environment 

with the spirit of benevolent art  to

 heal  human life"

Unitech is dedicating the whole  conscience and devotion of the intellect, together with the attitude of benevolent art  to  revive the life that is fading away in  healing and protecting water, the source of  life.

"Unitech is a technology-driven 

solutions oriented."

Unitech stands for Universal and technology, which is a compound word combining Universal and Technology.

'Universal' means "various, comprehensive, almighty" and 'Technology' refers to "Scientific Technology". In other words, the company name of Unitech means "a wide variety of technology and overall skills".

"Environmental Sound and 

Sustainable Development"

Unitech will contribute to the global effort to realize "ESSD"(Environmental Sound and Sustainable Development), which is the biggest challenge of human civilization in the 21st century.

In addition, our company will be a global environmental stewardship     to challenge constantly for the value "better than the best"  as a technology-driven synthetic company specializing in the environment.

/ About CI  /

Unitech symbol symbolically represents the spirit of enterprise. The blue color symbolizes "water", the source of life, while the shape of water drop dynamically shows "clean water in nature". 

The three large and small smooth oval curves at high, middle, and bottom part symbolizes spacious sky, land and sea, which represents the harmony of the universe. This implicates the importance of constant development of technology for environmental conservation. 

In addition, the symbol of Unitech expresses the persistent will toward the development of the whole employees' who have infinite creativity of technical force and challenging spirit like the sun rising up the horizon.